This website is currently under construction.|

SOCIAL MEDIA Communications <> is a startup company that is currently in the development stage. When we become operational, we will provide website development and maintenance services. Eventually, many other services will be provided. We intend to incorporate.


For more information, or you would like to join us in a limited partnership, provide services with us, or other business opportunities, please go to our [Contact Us] page and let us know.


If you would like a website built by myself, Alan Brett Covey, please contact me by going to the [Contact Us] page where there are various means for you to get in touch.



Alan Brett Covey - General Manager <>  is a Team & Knowledge based establishment providing management, business solutions, technology services consultancy through committed and focused approach in delivering innovative & effective solutions.


This company is not affiliated with Communications. The link above will take you to their website if you have reached us by mistake. Thank you!

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